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Le Site web de la CMG met à la disposition de ses visiteurs des listes de conférences et réunions dans le domaine scientifique, surtout minier. Ces listes sont publiées pour le bénéfice des personnes qui cherchent une conférence, mais aussi, il faut noter que, malgré tout le soin que nous apportons à la vérification des données entrées dans nos listes, nous ne pouvons accepter de responsabilité en ce qui concerne leur exactitude ou étendue. Pensez donc à vérifier les informations présentées avec les organisateurs de la conférence ou de la réunion avant de vous engager à y participer!

1. First Conference on Geophysics for Mineral Exploration and Mining Near Surface Geoscience 2016
ID 824781
Dates : 04 sep 2016 – 08 sep 2016
Lieu : Barcelona, Espagne
Sujets apparentés : Géophysique et géologie
Page web / http://www.eage.org/event/index.php?eventid=1420&Opendivs=s3

2. 11th ECCRIA — European Conference on Coal Research and its Applications
ID 762134
Dates: 05 sep 2016 – 07 sep 2016
Lieu : Sheffield, Royaume-Uni
Résumé : First held in 1996, the purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers in universities and participants from industry who are also carrying out research or are interested in the application of the research in industry. Papers which describe applications of research in coal characterisation, utilisation and preparation are now invited.
Sujets apparentés : Pétrochimie, industrie pétrochimique
Page web : http://www.maggichurchouseevents.co.uk/crf

3. ISM 2016 — XVIth International Mine Surveying Congress 2016
ID 665781
Dates: 12 sep 2016 – 16 sep 2016
Lieu : Brisbane, Australie
Résumé : Held once every three years, the International Mine Surveying Congress 2016 and associated exhibition serves to share knowledge in advance of the science and practice of mine surveying, mining and geotechnical engineering, geology, mineral evaluation and allied disciplines.
Contact: ISM 2016 Congress Managers; Tél.: [07 3226 2800]; Email.: ism2016@arinex.com.au
Sujets : mining, geotechnical engineering, geology, mineral evaluation, mine surveying
Page web: http://www.ism2016.com/

4. LOM — Life-of-Mine 2016
ID 785119
Dates: 28 sep 2016 – 30 sep 2016
Lieu: Brisbane, Australie
Résumé: The mining industry is entering a new phase where the need for greater integration, innovation and holistic thinking to develop and operate successful mine sites will replace the approaches and methodologies of the past. Now more than ever the sector is facing increasing cost and production pressures, ever-demanding technical challenges, and increasing societal and community expectations. The Life-of-Mine conference series attracts a broad range of professional disciplines with a diversity of affiliations and views. Contributors from industry, consulting, government and non-government organisations, providers of financial and legal services, civil society, and academe and other research organisations are invited to share experiences, practices and case studies related to the spectrum of planning and sustainability issues embedded in the life and after-life of a mine. As in the previous conferences, international contributors and delegates will be a feature and will offer experiences and examples from a range of other jurisdictions and perspectives.
Page web: http://www.lifeofmine.ausimm.com.au/

5. Sommet d’affaires Turco-Africains 2016 (TABS 2016)
Dates : Du 30 septembre au 02 octobre 2016
Lieu : Istanbul
Résumé : Initié par les hommes d’affaires Turco-Africains, ce sommet aura pour but de redynamiser les liens de coopération entre la Turquie et les pays africains.
Les inscriptions peuvent être faites à l’APIP (Conakry ) et sont ouvertes jusqu’au 20 septembre 2016.

6. Africa Precious Metals Forum
Dates : 7 – 8th September, 2016
Lieu : Accra, Ghana.

Resumé: The forum is an ideal platform for market participants to reach out to larger numbers of global stakeholders in the precious metals market to facilitate; Exchange of Information, Trade and Investment flow and Responsible sourcing of gold for economic development. Last year, the inaugural forum welcomed in excess of 220 market participants from Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia, spanning the entire value chain of the precious metals industry. Regular updates are posted at www.adpmf.ae

7. WaCA Mining — 8th West & Central Africa Mining Summit & Expo 2016
ID 824980
Dates: 19 oct 2016 – 20 oct 2016
Lieu: Accra, Ghana
Résumé: Over the years, this definitive Summit has grown from strength-to-strength showcasing the dynamism and resilience of the mining industry in the west and central African (WaCA) regions. Now into its 8th Edition, the Summit will once again serve the region’s mining community by providing the best and only authoritative platform to learn, innovate and synergize with the power players of the extractive industry. Despite the current challenging backdrop for the global mining sector, the WaCA regions still provide plenty of opportunities, promise and growth. WaCA Mining is the only independent mega event that successfully unites the mining community in the west and central African regions. International mining companies, government officials, investors and service providers gather to discuss and explore the latest projects and opportunities. Join us at the 8th WaCA Mining Summit & Expo 2016 to be part of the strength, resilience and progress of the regions’ mining community as we recalibrate and prime ourselves for success. Contact Jose at +65 6391 2535 or email jose@magenta-global.com.sg to register or request more information.
Contact : Jose Carpio; Tél.: [+6563912535]; Email.: jose@magenta-global.com.sg
Sujets: mining, summit, conference, expo, exhibition, africa, mineral
Sujets apparentés : Géophysique et géologie, Minéralogie
Page web : http://www.wacamining.com

8. Monitoring and Modelling Mining Solutions 2016
ID 765426
Dates: 30 oct 2016 – 02 nov 2016
Lieu: North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Résumé: Mine planning and management involve modeling all phases and aspects of the mine, from the ore body, through open pit stability, processing, to waste management facility performance, and the protection of the environment. To formulate a representative model, one needs a deep understanding of the physical systems and data to quantify the system and its performance. Once the model is in place, monitoring is undertaken. Monitoring data are compared to model predictions and the model is calibrated and planning for future management undertaken. This conference seeks to explore the many phases of mine-related modeling and monitoring. We will address many types of modeling and monitoring undertaken at a mine – from defining the ore grade, to assessing long-term groundwater changes resulting from mining.
Contact/Email.: monitoringandmodelling@infomine.com
Sujets: Theory and practice of modelling, Model calibration, Monitoring methods, Using mine models to improve performance, Observational methods – their use and power.
Page web: http://mining.solutions/monitoringandmodelling/

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